Your place is only in eternity

Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time. You’ve elected to be in time rather than eternity, and therefore believe you are in time…

You do not belong in time. Your place is only in eternity, where God Himself placed you forever.

~ Jesus, A Course in Miracles

This Instant is the Only Time There Is.

I have conceived of time in such a way that I defeat my aim. If I elect to reach past time to timelessness, I must change my perception of what time is for. Time’s purpose cannot be to keep the past and future one.

The only interval in which I can be saved from time is now. For in this instant has forgiveness come to set me free. The birth of Christ is now, without a past or future. Christ has come to give the present blessing to the world, restoring it to timelessness and love. And love is ever-present, here and now.

Thanks for this instant, God. It is now I am redeemed. This instant is the time You have appointed for Your Children’s release, and for salvation of the world in them.

~ Jesus, A Course in Miracles