You have not left me comfortless

Love, reflected in forgiveness here, reminds me You have given me a way to find Your peace again. I am redeemed when I elect to follow in this way.

You have not left me comfortless. I have within me both the mem­ory of You, and One Who leads me to it. Lord, I would hear Your Voice and find Your peace today.

~ Jesus, A Course in Miracles

Put all your faith in the Love of God within you

Put not your faith in illusions. They will fail you. Put all your faith in the Love of God within you; eternal, changeless and for­ever unfailing.

This is the answer to whatever confronts you to­day. Through the Love of God within you, you can resolve all seeming difficulties without effort and in sure confidence. Tell yourself this often today. It is a declaration of release from the belief in idols. It is your acknowledgment of the truth about yourself.

~Jesus, A Course in Miracles

You are perfectly unaffected

In reality you are perfectly unaffected by all expressions of lack of love…

Peace is an attribute in you. You cannot find it outside. Illness is some form of external searching. Health is inner peace. It enables you to remain unshaken by lack of love from without and capable, through your acceptance of miracles, of correcting the conditions proceeding from lack of love in others.

Jesus, A Course in Miracles