To experience what is

To experience what is and to acknowledge what is, one must be present, present as a human being. 

To experience what is and to acknowledge what is as a gift of God is to be present as a divine being having a human experience. 

No part of being is negated. All senses and feelings of the human being are called into awareness and yet there is also acknowledgement of the Creator behind the Created.

Jesus, A Course of Love T.1.2.21

These are the rules of the art of thought

Thus, these are the rules of the art of thought:

First, top experience what is and acknowledge what is, both as a fact of your experience as a human being and as a gift of the Creator.

Second, top acknowledge the relationship inherent in the experience, the call for a response, and the nature of allowing gifts as being given to all. 

Jesus, A Course of Love T.1.2.19

All that stands in the way of your creatorship

You can see, now perhaps, why we have had to build your awareness slowly in order for you to be able to reach this place where you may be able to accept this new idea which is simply the truth. 

It is the same truth that has been stated here in many different ways to allow you to become accustomed to the idea of a truth that may seem heretical to some of you when it is stated as directly as it is being stated here. 

But our time together is coming to an end and your acceptance of the truth of who you are and who you can be is essential to the accomplishment of our mission–to the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. 

The only way to create it is to experience it. The only way to experience it is to create it.  All that stands in the way of your creatorship is your final acceptance of who you are in unity and relationship. 

Jesus Christ, A Course of Love, Day 36