To experience what is

To experience what is and to acknowledge what is, one must be present, present as a human being. 

To experience what is and to acknowledge what is as a gift of God is to be present as a divine being having a human experience. 

No part of being is negated. All senses and feelings of the human being are called into awareness and yet there is also acknowledgement of the Creator behind the Created.

Jesus, A Course of Love T.1.2.21

Who I Am to you, and who you are to me, is all that matters.

Who I Am to you, and who you are to me, is all that matters. Our relationship can only be thus in union and relationship with each other.

We are not two beings who are separate but relating in union. We are each other’s own being. We are one and we are many.  We are the same and we are different. 

In “own”-er-ship we are full of one another’s own being.  We are each other’s own.

Fullness comes only from love, which is the source and substance of who we are being. I Am being you.  You are being me. In this equation is fullness of being, which is love.

Christ, A Course of Love, Day 38

Will activates potential

Will activates potential.  It is the greatest of all the triggers.

An activated will releases that you are the carrier of all the potential that exists. An actived will releases the power that is potential.

Remember potential is that which exists, that which is. It is not that which is not, not that which is in the future, not that which could come to be, but that which is.

Jesus, A Course of Love